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Find the flock

Meikle Ribrae Free Range is a hop over the River Deveron from Muirden Farm.

The range expands right across a mature tree line and down to the banks of the winding River Deveron.

Foraging - Ribrae Hen19

Range, forage, explore

Meikle Ribrae has an assortment of different shelters to encourage ranging. From small A-frame huts to teepee shaped structures our hens have plenty options for perching and nestling.

The hens also enjoy foraging amongst the wild grass and flowers and venturing across to explore the more established woodland areas.

Ribrae Hens amongst new trees

Boosting biodiversity and green power

Combined with the mature woodland, we have planted an additional 350 new trees on Meikle Ribrae range.

Planting trees on the ranges provides additional shelter for our hens and creates an enriched environment that encourages ranging. That's not to mention the environmental benefits of carbon capture and boosting biodiversity.

We have also installed south facing solar panels for renewable electricity supply.

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