DFA 18178 Master Map Visual Aberdeenshire Woodhead of Laithers Free Range 01

Find the flock

Woodhead of Laithers is one of our newly transformed ranges. Previously used for arable cropping, the picturesque farm is a short 10 minute drive from our packing centre.

Woodhead hens in long grass with new plant trees IMG 4610

Ranging the meadow

The range at Woodhead of Laithers features long wild grasses and flower meadows for hens to range on. Spread across the range are repurposed pig huts. These provide shelter and encourage hens to explore the pasture.

Over 1,100 new trees have been planted in clusters to further enhance the range. These accompany a mature woodland that frames the back of the range.

Hens Woodhead on straw bales

Bale play

As part of our range enrichment measures, we have placed staggered bales outside of the modern hen shed.

Our hens love exploring, pecking at and foraging in and around the bales, providing hours of entertainment.

Varied perching levels have been created with the bales. The hens enjoying hopping on and off of the perch spots, investigating and foraging at all levels. Some of our girls even flutter up to the very tops, keen to rule the roost!

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