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Barn Egg Production

In the summer of 2013 we began our investment into barn egg production. We initially developed two sites near Banff; Mains of Auchenbadie and Lower Inchdrewer. These sites were also decommissioned pig buildings which when converted had the combined capacity of 105,000birds producing 2.2million dozen eggs per year. The Auchenbadie site which housed 51,000 birds has been upgraded to Free Range since then.

Our barn hens are able to roam freely around the house which includes a multitier system providing nesting areas, food and water. The birds have enviromental enrichment in the form of rope, sawdust bales, plastic balls and tin boxes. This has shown to improve hen health and welfare by encouraging activity.

Our barn facility is assured by the RSPCA Freedom Food Standards, which guarantees high animal welfare.


Lower Smiddyseat Rearing Unit

Our Barn and Free Range hens are all reared from day old at our rearing unit, Lower Smiddyseat, on the outskirts of Turriff. We feel that by rearing our own barn hens we can ensure they are raised to the highest welfare standards, receiving a robust feeding and vaccination regime, making them well equipped to ensure high quality egg production. 



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