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Enriched Colony Egg Production

Since our egg venture began it has been our mission to create a sustainable and productive environment for our hens. That’s why, when we transformed 4  pig sheds into enriched colony houses, we ensured no expense was spared in developing the four units using only the most up-to-date equipment. These houses, located at Newton of Fortrie near Turriff, now stock over 300,000 hens at any given time producing over 7.01million dozen eggs per year!

The eggs produced are transferred from each house, by conveyer into our modern grading and packing facility. Eggs are quality checked, graded and packed using top-of-the-range technology that can process up to 120,000 eggs per hour.

Newton of Fortrie is also home to our raw material store where we mill and mix all our own feed from crops grown by our sister company A J Duncan. By growing our own cereals we can ensure high quality, nutritious feed for all our hens. With our birds consuming 12,400 tonnes of feed per year our mill and mixer are certainly kept busy!


Ardfour Rearing Unit

Our colony hens are all reared from day old at our rearing unit at Ardfour, Turriff. By rearing our own hens we have better control of their welfare and can ensure they go on to produce the highest quality eggs.



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