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Renewable Projects

A J Duncan LP have always been aware of the increasing costs of both electricity and heating, and in a bid to reduce fuel bills it was decided to take advantage of the 2014 Feed-in Tariff rates and to install various renewables energy technologies throughout the farm business.

Although various specialists were used, Muirden Energy, A J Duncan’s sister company, project managed each site ensuring that projects were delivered on time and on budget.


The head office at Muirden was fitted with a 100kW Heizomat woodchip boiler to heat the office building and adjacent farm house. The project was installed and commissioned in May 2014, and has replaced the oil heating system. It is estimated the boiler will use 60 tonnes of woodchips per year. Before the boiler was installed it was estimated that both the office and the farmhouse used approximately 65,000kW of heat per year and the 100kW boiler now successfully supplies all the heat required on site.

Lower Smiddyseat, the barn pullet rearing site was fitted with two 200kW Heizomat woodchip boilers in the winter of 2014. The third 500kW Heizomat woodchip boiler was installed in summer 2015. Using approximately 531 tonnes of woodchips per year, and heats all the poultry houses and the managers house. Previously the site was heated by gas which was both costly and non-economical.


Solar Panels

In May 2013, 4kW of solar panels were installed on the roof of Muirden’s office. The system worked so effectively that it was decided to install a further 50kW onto the Dutch Barn at Muirden in May 2014, in a bid to reduce our electricity costs by 40,000 units.

It was also recognised that the rearing sites, Ardfour and Lower Smiddyseat, and the barn sites, Mains of Auchenbadie and Lower Inchdrewer, were heavy electricity users and the most effective way to reduce the costs were to install 50kW solar panels at each site.



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