Our Story

Building the home of the real good egg

At Duncan Farms we have been working hard for over two decades to create a sustainable, efficient and integrity driven business. We have been at the heart of the Scottish food industry since 1993, growing and farming first-class produce in our beautiful corner of Scotland. In 2011, still governed by the same values, we capitalised on our arable farming knowledge and diversified into egg production.

Our expertise now encompasses the full egg production process. We operate our own rearing, laying and packing ensuring the highest standards in animal welfare and quality are met. Years of agricultural experience and a willingness to innovate have resulted in Duncan Farms becoming one of Scotland’s leading egg producers.

The key to our success is our fully integrated business model. As the largest cereal producer in the North of Scotland we are able to grow all the cereal requirements for our hens ensuring they receive the best quality food. Our hen muck is then utilised on our farms, completing the cycle. Furthermore, the majority of our operations are within a 12-mile radius. This dramatically reduces our carbon footprint and gives our products complete traceability.

The quality of our award winning eggs is created by our dedicated team who pay meticulous attention to detail, utilising industry leading processes. This ensures that the eggs that go from our home to yours are the best monitored, freshest and tastiest that you can buy.

Duncan Farms. Home of the real good egg.

Our Team

As an ambitious and growing business the key to our success is our long-serving team. As we have grown, we still retain our family values and place great importance on looking after our dedicated staff. We are proud of our heritage and take pride in creating opportunities for all who want to develop their skills and careers.

Our business was started by Fred Duncan and through the years has grown to attract some of the best talent from across Aberdeenshire, Scotland and further afield. In keeping with our family values, younger generations of the Duncan family have been brought into the business and, along with our excellent management team, continue the growth of Duncan Farms into the future.

Low Carbon

At Duncan Farms we are very proud of the beautiful Scottish countryside we call home. Being environmentally sustainable is central to all of our business operations and is key to any plans for the future.

Our sister company Muirden Energy have installed a range of renewable energy solutions which help us to reduce our carbon footprint. These include solar panels and wind turbines that power the majority of our rearing and laying sites. Additionally, the heating is generated by biomass energy.

The proximity of our operations ensures any transportation between our sites is kept to a minimum. All of our egg production sites and the majority of our farms are within a 12-mile radius, further ensuring we maintain our low carbon footprint.